Jetted Massage Tubs2019-07-11

                Our jetted massage bathtub come in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from a 54" roll-top to a 72" dual ended bathtub.These air-jetted and whirlpool tubs are top-quality tubs which make every bath the ultimate in relaxation.For over 7 years our manufacturers have been perfecting these air and whirlpool jetting systems.Most come with a limited lifetime warranty.We offer whirlpool tubs with 4 different types of jet systems: the Air Bath, available on our Serenity Series Delilah 7240CF (Formerly Serenity 10) and Delilah 6638CF (Formerly Serenity 37).

                jetted massage tubs


                The Air Injection system, available on our Julius Double Slipper Tub and the Virginia Slipper Tub.the Champagne Massage, available on all tubs where the name is preceeded by the word "Champagne".and last but certainly not least, we have actual Whirlpool Jets in a whirlpool tubs in our Caspian Whirlpool bathtub.Each of these "Jetted massage Tub Systems" has something a little different to offer.Our clawfoot tub with the whirlpool jets is the first ever built and it continues, all these years later, to be the best we've found on the market.